About Us

Sunlight Liquor is the creation of Tom O'Reilly and Eddy Collett, a company that combines our love of nature and the Australian landscape to produce delicious, ethical beverages made from pure ingredients. Honey is an amazing product, it is the nectar of flowers collected and concentrated by the honey bee. Each different flower has its own unique flavour, no two honeys are truly alike. In Australia our diversity of landscapes, both natural and agricultural, give us unparalleled choice in honey. What better ingredient to make into a drink to reflect this amazing land than honey?

Bee pollination is vital to more than two thirds of the food we eat, pesticides and diseases threaten bees worldwide. We believe supporting the industry that we all rely upon to survive makes a lot of sense. Our drinks use only the highest quality raw Australian honey from independent beekeepers who share our values on environmental sustainability. We will never use cheap imported honey!